The home stay!!!!!

Day 3! So today we left our hostel to go to the village of La Mora. Before we met our family that we were going to be staying with, we went for a long hike, and it was sooooooo hot! While we were on the hike we met the teens of village and even with the language barrier, we made friends.  The home stay was one of the most exciting things that we were going to do on this trip. For my home stay, I was paired with a mother, and her teenage son and daughter.  And well, it was hard. The language barrier was so big. But luckily we got a English Spanish dictionary which helped a lot, you see we would try and pronounce the Spanish words but then we would do such a bad job that we would have to show the word to the mother, and then they would understand.  The only thing that was bad was that they gave us so much food, and we couldn’t finish it. This day was amazing overall.  It was definitely an experience that we will all remember.