Day 9 (March 21) – Granada

I have no clue what day it is any more.

Woke up at hotel. Then we walked through the town to a restaurant to a restaurant called “Maison de Chocolate” (house of chocolate). Then by 11:00 we boarded two small boats for a boat tour through these small islands close to the shore. The islands (all 300 and more) were created by volcanic eruptions in the 1700s, which is pretty cool. We saw a lot of birds and some monkeys. I got really burnt from that. After getting off the boards we got a bus tour around Grenada from Victor. It is a really nice city it almost feels fake. It feels like we’re not in the same place as we were for the past week. It feels like a facade for tourists. There is no more tin roof shacks and a lot less garbage. After this we had free time. Harrison, Annika, Rowie and I went to the little market in front of our hotel. They mainly had little touristy items like shirts, hats and trinkets. We got Harrison to do all of our bartering for us. Got more sunburnt from that. We ate supper at a fancy restaurant, then we attempted to go salsa dancing, but the hype was more than the reality and we were all out of there within half an hour.

(Liam) Jones