Day 8

In the morning as usual, everyone had breakfast with their host families.  After that we congregated at Casa Blanca to head to the work sites.  At the site most of the houses were starting to take shape and the progress seemed really good.  After another amazing meal at the Barrio Grenada community house, we headed off to do our rural visit.  After a long bus ride on a bumpy road we got the village of Citilapa and were shown the after school help centre, the church and the village water pumps.  Playing with the kids at the village was the most fun we had all day.

-Blogged by Ian-


Today was our second last day in Barrio Grenada.  It was today that the houses were being finished up and the last of the streets began to be dug.  At the houses, the roof was beginning to be built.  To nail on the roof we got to climb the house.  We sat up top and hammered in the nails to hold up the beams.  It was awesome to see all the houses and we could see workers on other roof tops.

After we had lunch at Casa Communal, we hopped on the bus and travelled for about an hour to a rural village called Citilapa.  There we learned about their school program.  The kids have school in the morning and then in the afternoon they can come back to get help with their school work.

We went to the church and learned about how a church from Barrie had come down and built it.  Our schedule changed when school let out.  All the kids rushed to join us.  We ended up playing the Spanish version of duck, duck, goose and we called it cat, cat, dog.

We played for many rounds and then we headed to see the water system with the kids following behind us.  The walk was very tricky.  Not only because we were walking down a very steep hill but also, many of us had children on our arms.  When we reached the bottom, some of us went with the kids and crossed the river by leaping from rock to rock.  We then gathered at the water system.  It was explained that the system provides water for the village for 2 hours every 48 hours.

From Citilapa, we headed home to have dinner with our host families.  We met back at Casa Blanca for group time.  We did an activity called stoplight.  We each were given three sticky notes, each representing on colour on a stoplight.  On the green one we wrote what we were loving about the trip.  On the yellow one we wrote a difficult question that we have been thinking about.  On the red one we wrote what we found difficult to understand.  We then got up one at a time and presented each piece of paper, telling the group what it said.  After group time we all headed home and said Buenas Noches.

-Blogged by Olivia-