Day 8 – Sonsonate/Caluco

I was so glad to be able to participate with the group once again after being sick for a couple days! I was full of energy this morning, which was definitely needed for our trip to the daycare centre. After a dusty ride to the daycare along a very rocky road we arrived at the church that they are using as a place to look after all the children. The children were adorable! I’ve never seen such beautiful smiles and as we entered the main building they greeted us with such cheery faces. They sang for us and hugged us with so much love. I found it surprising and comforting about how easy it was to communicate with them despite the language barrier. I discovered that even here in El Salvador the children are exactly the same as in Canada so interactions with them felt so natural. We coloured with them and played other games. Another cool experience I’ve had in El Salvador is drinking soda. Here they pour soda into bags and you drink it with a straw from the bag because they make more money from buying the soda in bulk and then distributing it into bags. In the afternoon we went to the school that ESNA has helped to expand. We got straight to work and I helped paint the top half of one of the classrooms. It was tiring, and the paint fumes were a little strong, however the end product was so worth the work! The other half of the group was hard at work shovelling gravel which was a very intense job seeing as that day happened to be extremely windy which blew the dust up everywhere. The remainder of the afternoon was spent playing with the children and taking lots of photos with them! The kids loved taking photos with our cameras and I know many of the pictures on mine were snapped by some of the kids. The rest of the night was spent back at the Hotel Agape with the group and a bunch of us hung out at the park in the hotel property! The other amazing experience of the day was having a cool refreshing shower. All of us had dust everywhere; in our hair, in the creases of our skin, just everywhere!!! Its been an amazing experience for me with both the people of El Salvador and the people on the TCOW trip. I’ve enjoyed every moment, except I guess the two days I was sick, but even that was an experience in itself! I’m excited to live to the fullest the last two days here!

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  1. Way to go, Allison, and way to go all of you from TCOW. It has been great following along with your blog and the Facebook photos on the ESNA site. Sounds like we’re all going to have some awesome stories over the days and months ahead. Thanks to all of you for looking after Allison while she was feeling sick. You’re a family now! Love Laura and Terry

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