Day 7 (March 19) – El Recreo Estates

Today was or last day of work. Or projects have been completed, the mural is amazing and the other things we have done will make life for the workers and their children much better. I personally have been kept quite busy (not that everyone else wasn’t) today with mixing cement, painting the outside wall of the school house, and cleaning a lot of tools.

While painting, two of the boys who live on the farm wanted to help us paint, so we handed them some brushes and they got right to work.

On the topic of children, they are all very sweet kids and each of them sports a million-dollar smile, and that’s the best part of the trip so far. Interacting with the Nicaraguan people either with the help of Juan or one of the interpreters is a great experience to know more about how people live here in Nicaragua, as well as being able to share things about our lives in Canada with people who have never been there before.

Each day after our contribution to the projects, we have a lesson about some part of the process if coffee production, or just about life here at the El Recreo, and today we had a more interactive lesson by going coffee picking. The lesion started by taking a terrifying truck ride up the mountain to the coffee trees. We tied or baskets around or waists and fought through the yes to pick of as many coffee cherries as possible, which was more difficult than it seems and w was a real eye-opener into the lives of the workers we hear getting on the truck at 4 AM each day to get to work. After picking, we hiked back down the mountain to sort the green and ripe cherries onto a tarp.

Dinner as usual was very good with chicken, vegetables, rice, and (homemade) potato chips. Dinner also was or segue into our final mixer with some of the people who live on the farm. This mixer featured a piñata which was a real hit with everyone who was there. We danced, sang, and then had a nice farewell with the children before heading back to our rooms for the night.

Or time here at El Recreo has come to an end although we will always have the memories! Of to Granada tomorrow!

– Veronica