Day 4 (March 16) – El Recreo Estates

After our first sleep in our lovely rooms, we started our work projects. We were separated into groups to do the mural on the side of the school, making concrete for the covered patio, digging holes for the terrace, digging trenches for three bathrooms (there was a LOT of digging),nbsp; and thing together rebar, which is what I did. We worked side-by-side with our Nicaraguan leaders, TCOW leaders, and translators. The morning weather was very cool, but it soon heated up to 25 C. We ain’t in Canada anymore!nbsp; We worked for about six hours with a one hour break for lunch (man do Nicaraguans known how to cook!). After super we gathered in an outdoor hall for our first mixer where we met some of the children whom we played with earlier in the day. Even though they were very shy, we ended up laughing at the funny repeat-after-me songs. With only a few minor sunburns, today was an enriching and exciting experience and I know we all enjoyed our very deep, very exhausted sleeps.
– Lauren

(Typist’s note: Lauren forgot to mention the lesson we got in the afternoon around the history of coffee which included a tasting of this plantation’s product)

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  1. Sounds like you are all working hard! Maybe housework won’t seem nearly as daunting any more 🙂 So glad you are all doing well. God’s blessing. Love to Lauren!
    Lauren’s parents, Jan and Bruce

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