Day 2 – Managua

We spent time getting to know our host families, they’re awesome! Most of them speak very good English!

Today were toured old and new Managua, and saw a museum about the revolution in 1973.

Our visit to the volcano Masaya got postponed so that gave us more time to explore! We walked down the waterfront, and saw the volcanoes across the lake. Truly incredible.

We meet the other two groups from Ontario that will be working at the school while we are at the farm.

The night ended with a reflection and a wee sing-song!

What a beautiful country, we can’t wait to explore some more!

By Rowey and Abbey

2 Replies to “Day 2 – Managua”

  1. Hi to all TCOW participants from Waterloo Presbytery! especially, Rev. Kate, Abbey and Elizabeth! So great to be able to hear about your mission. Happy to know that your trip there was “uneventful”. That is good. Even if your host families speak English, I do hope that you learn some Spanish. It is awesome to see the volcanos. Something we never get to experience her in Southern Ontario, but that is good! The snow here is melting and the sun has been shining nicely. Spring must be close 🙂
    Abbey, nice to see that you are “reporting”.
    Enjoy each day!
    an aside for Rev. Kate: Barry could not find your vehicle keys. They were not on or under the chair by the door. He did look further “afield” but did not see them. Any other suggestions?
    Karen and Jack

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