Day 10

OMG I saw monkeys!!!
-Joke Blog by Steven-

We woke up to a traditional Nicaraguan breakfast which was potatoes, rice, and Beef all cooked in plantain leafs. We then took the bus up to the Mombacho Zipline. There were 10 ziplines and we could go up side down or superman! We then drove into Grenada for some pizza and some shopping in the town square. Next was the Colonial Grenada Islands Boat Tour. This was possibly the highlight of my trip because I got to see monkeys (No Big Deal!) After dinner we had our farewell party with all of our host families. At the party Happy Birthday was sung to me in 5 different versions. We salsa danced the rest of the night and Saskia and I destroyed Santi and Julia S in a Salsa Battle. I was a great last day and an awesome birthday.
-Actual Blog by Steven-

Today was our last day in Nicaragua. Lots of mixed feelings about going home tomorrow; to Canada … where there is bound to be some sort of precipitation, snow or rain (slate?) 🙁 Hahaha anyways …

Happy 18th Birthday and feliz Cumpleanos to Steven! It was a well celebrated birthday.

First off we headed to Mombacha Volcano to go ziplining; woooo! So much fun and such a cool experience. We ziplines through the trees on about 10 different ziplines. Some fast, some slow. You could even do it superman style or upside-down! After, we headed to TelePizza for some lunch. Obviously we had pizza … mmmm it was very tasty. Vege pizza, Hawaiian pizza, Pepperoni pizza, Deluxe pizza, we ordered eight. Lunch was followed by walking around the plaza in Grenada to buy some more souvenirs; get a refreshment, whatever. The buildings in Grenada were painted every colour of the rainbow. Each building was painted a different colour; it was lovely, and such a pleasant site. Our last excursion was a boat tour of the Grenada islands. Plenty of cool wildlife, amazing houses, getaways for the rich people, and trees, what a site. The weather was so nice as well. Right now we are getting ready to go to our farewell fiesta with our host families, and then tomorrow we say our final goodbyes and fly off to Canada! I hope that everybody has a good welcome home. See you next Saturday ;(

-Blogged by Mariah <3 –