Day 10 (March 22) – Managua

March 22 2015

Went out to breakfast at the same place we went yesterday. Today the chocolate tasted much more bitter and was not as good. Everything else was delicious. We got on the bus and went on our way to zip lining. When we got there we got our safety equipment on and headed up the hill to the top of the zip line course. After a emvery/em brief safety lesson we started the course. There was around 10 different zip lines we went down. I went down “superman” style and upside down. Everybody was brave and went upside down on one of the zip lines. (We all still have our limbs). After this awesome experience we went to the Masaya market for some shopping. We bought things for our family, our churches, and ourselves. We ate a quick lunch and then headed back to Managua to go to our host families. Sadly, a few of us had to switch our host families so we did not see the same people as before. We got changed then went to the “Art Games” at Los Quinchos school where other groups were doing their service projects. The Art Games consisted of 3 groups of 3 painters creating a picture in 20 minutes. The winner of their group would move on to the final round where they would compete again to win. We were able to buy raffle tickets to win any of these paintings. Lillian and I won a painting and Harrison won 2! We went back to the home stays and went to bed knowing we had to be up at 4 in the morning.

– Teresa Cimino