Colombia – Day 7

A note from the registrar:

I know folks are eager to hear from the gang in Colombia, but by the sounds of it, Internet-ing has been far from everyone’s minds as they have made community and worked with the people of Brisas del Mar.

I messaged with Kelly last night and she let me know that the group has been involved in lots of hole digging, concrete-making, and preparing rebar for the community project. There’s also been a lot of dancing and socializing with the community. Communication has been great, with music, soccer, dancing, and card tricks! Most importantly, everyone’s had lots of time for reflection.

Today the group is off to the beach to rebuild their energy for a ‘tourist day’ in Cartagena tomorrow (Saturday). Soon enough the gang will be on their way home via Panama (Sunday)! For those who like to follow along at home, the flights are COPA687 and COPA470.


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  1. Thanks Gord, so happy to get an update! And also excited to get Colleen home on Monday morning and lots of stories to share.

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