Clarification Regarding Police and Travelers´ Sickness

Apparently there has been some interest in the mentions of our interactions with police in El Salvador and the recent bout of illness that a number us have “enjoyed.”

First, the police. El Salvador’s government offers a free service where special “Tourism Police” or as their truck says “PoliTur” are provided to accompany groups traveling about the country to give some added peace-of-mind during their time here. Our group has had two such officers with us (Guillermo and Ernesto) since we arrived at Perquin who have been very friendly and have even shared their vehicle when we needed a smoother ride for a participant who was ill. The officers are assigned to escort our group specifically, so they won’t be called away elsewhere.
With regards to the illness that seems to have gone through the group, the majority of us were hit with travelers’ diarrhea and some with nausea on the way to Perquin which was exacerbated by a long winding drive on some very rough roads. ESNA was gracious enough to tweak our schedule over the following days to allow a greater amount of rest and our menus, while still authentic, have been a bit gentler on our stomachs.
On the drive from Perquin to San Salvador yesterday (Tuesday), and San Salvador to Sonsonate today (Wednesday), everyone was in much better spirits and we didn´t have any incidents of nausea at all – so yes, everyone´s pretty much back to normal. Lu, our resident nurse has been keeping close tabs on the few whose symptoms lasted more than a day, and all the leaders are keeping everyone well hydrated with the filtered water that we always have available through ESNA.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at and we´ll get back to you ASAP.