Applications for TCOW 2015 Are Now Available!


TCOW is looking for youth who will be in grade 10-12+ (age 15+) as of March 2015 who have an interest in social justice, and are excited to learn about the culture in Nicaragua in relation to issues which exist right here in Canada. Applications need to be submitted by May 15.

To apply as a participant, click here or select the participant application page under TCOW 2015.


The TCOW organizing committee is looking for three adult leaders to help lead the youth during the pre-trip events along with leadership during the voyage in Nicaragua. In addition to the three program leaders, the TCOW committee is search for a leader to act as a chaplain to accompany our youth through the pre-trip events and trip to Nicaragua. Applications need to be submitted by April 26.

To apply as a leader or chaplain click here or select the leadership application page under TCOW 2015.

2 Replies to “Applications for TCOW 2015 Are Now Available!”

  1. My daughter Bronwen is interested in learning more about this opportunity. She is in competitive cheer and although currently injured will probably still need to attend her practice tomorrow night. I may attend in her stead. I have been unable to find the application for this trip. The “click here ” option isn’t highlighted and I can’t find the participants page. If you could let me know what I am doing wrong I would appreciate it.

    1. Hi Robin,
      That was my mistake – what I get for editing late at night! I’ve updated the post so that the “Click here” links work properly. Also, you can find the forms under the top menu under TCOW 2015 if you hold your mouse overtop of that menu.
      Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow evening!

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