We Are Here!

Travel day is complete and we are pleased to report that all went well. We arrived in El Salvador on time to make our flight to Nicaragua. We all arrived safely in Nicaragua although many of our bags did not. Due to weight restrictions they were left in El Salvador. Gonzalos and his team were fabulous at providing us with any missing things we might need. After some rest and meet and greats at the Casa Blanco (our meeting place) we met our host families. The group went out for dinner together as Sarah and the staff went back to the airport for a fight to claim our bags. Late tonight 8 of the 12 arrived and were delivered to their waiting owners. Lucas, Ian, Sarah and John are still without but many others are helping provide everything that is needed. They are expected to arrive tomorrow at 10am.

We are in Nicaragua! It is hard for all of us to believe that we are actually here. The city is beautiful in its own way and very warm. We were all pleasantly surprised with our accommodations and we all have our own beds with fans and showers. The bus rides through town are interesting. You find people in the middle of the roads bagging on the side of cars trying to sell you things. Many times we were worried the bus driver might hit someone but they say this is normal and they know to get out of the way. Dinner was somewhat normal to what we are used to with the exception of plantation chips. Yes these are chips made from dried bananas! Very cool! We do not have much time so we will sign off for now and have more for you tomorrow.

Buenos Noches

-Blogged by Sarah King-