Trip Dates & Bits of News


In case it was missed at our initial gathering last weekend, the dates for the actual trip to Nicaragua are March 13-23, 2015 – expect an early start on the 13th and a late return on the 23rd.


At the suggestion of a parent at the Info Session last weekend, a basic forum has been implemented on this website (click the “Forum” link at the top – you won’t be able to see contents until you register). You’ll first need to register a username, then you’ll be able to view and post in discussions. The registration link is in the right-hand column in the subheading called “Users” (beneath the subscription option, which you should definitely use so that you can get updates from the website right away).  As the Registrar/Webmaster, my time is fairly limited, so I’d ask that any questions that need answers from me or the committee be directed to the usual email address, info ‘at’ waterlootcow ‘dot’ ca. I would encourage both parents and participants to join in the discussions remembering that tone doesn’t always translate well – use Holy Manners (digitally!) in your conversations!

Letter to Congregations

A heads-up to our participants and leaders – the TCOW organizing committee is going to be sending a letter to congregations introducing their TCOW participant(s), explaining financials, expectations, and how congregations can offer active support. This should be on the way to churches in the coming week.


Gord Spence (TCOW Registrar) on behalf of the TCOW Organizing Committee