Perquin: Waterfall, Museum

Today we decided it would be a little more of a relaxing day since part of our group was suffering from illness and had to stay in bed. We woke at 8 15 since we had such a long bus ride the night before. At 9 00 we ate pancakes and talked about the plans for the day. After eating we walked to the town square then up to the guerilla war museum. Our guide an ex guerilla  combatant was pleased to show us the weapons, photos, guns and propaganda posters. He told a story about a radio station vinceremos ,which aired the truth about the atrocities being committed by the national army, the target of a national army commander Monterosa who hated it made it his life long goal to capture it. The guerillas called it operation Troy comparing it to the trojan horse. What they did was attract the national army by firing on them then when they were close they fled leaving behind a fake transmitter , which was actually a bomb in disguise. When the commander found it he thought he had found the transmitter for radio Vincermos and ordered it be taken aboard his helicopter. He called a meeting with all the high ranking generals ecstatic that he had found the rebels radio station transmitter. Right after the meeting the commander was up in his helicopter when suddenly the rebels detonated it killing the commander and humiliating the national army. That is just one of the many amazing stories he had to share. Next we walked down the hill to where they had set up artifacts such as weapons mortars, radios and trenches to show us what it would have been like. After we walked across some wood and stick bridges they had set up. After lunch we took a drive across the border to Honduras to go to a waterfall and swim. The water was amazing and quite refreshing after all the hot days here in El Salvador. There was only one bad part when Christian lost his only pair of glasses under the waterfall. We all looked but sadly they could not be found now he wears Desmond’s prescription sunglasses.
After supper we watched a movie about Rufina Maya the lone surviver of the El Mozote massacre the movie was very informative and I looking forward to seeing the site tomorrow.