Day 9

This morning we started the day as usual. We got to the Barrio and worked till 10 finishing to weeks projects. We then held inaugurations for the houses and welcomed the families into their new homes. It felt awesome to see are projects through and have them finished! When that was done, we went to the Community house for a birthday/farewell party, (its Steven and Jane’s birthday tomorrow!). We had lunch, music, dancing, and piñata and a mariachi band! Eventually we had to say our goodbyes to all of the friends we’ve made throughout the week. It was so hard to say goodbyes to all of the friends we’ve made throughout the week. It was so sad thinking that after spending so much time with this community, we might not see them again. When our goodbyes were done, we headed off to Huembes market for some shopping. The market was really cool, there were so many things to see and buy! We only had a little over and hour, so it was a bit like speed shopping! Afterwards we went back to our host families, changed into our fancy outfits and met back at Casa Blanca. We had some group time. We talked about what to expect when we got home, and Gonzalo had some advice. We then were on our way to dinner, which was great, although the service at the restaurant was less then stellar. People were upset about it as we made our way to the next location for Salsa Dancing!!! There was a live band and the dancing cheered everyone up! It was so much fun! Then at the stroke of midnight, we sang a very loud Happy Birthday to Steven and Jane. It was an awesome day!
-Blogged by Samantha-

The Final day of project work started with a tortia and guya pinto breakfast, (as tasty as usual!). We then rushed off to Casa Blanca in order to catch the party bus. That morning we finished the 4 houses and inaugurated them all at exactly 11 am. We then visited the local school we were painting to see the amount of progress that took place. Then the celebration started! There was national anthem singing, a mariachi band, piñata and cake. Thanking us for our work and in celebration of Jane and Steven’s Birthdays. Lunch was a Nicaraguan version of spaghetti with pieces of ham (or it might have been bacon) with short but skinny noodles. It was AMAZIIIINNNGGG!!! Lunch was followed by an hour of fast paced, shopping, bartering and getting hustled by vendors if you were not on the ball (Ian;) The market mainly had touristy items but if you were able to not get lost, you could find some nock-offs and other less souvernee items. After picking up our souvenirs we had a session to help us to prepare for when we arrive back at home, and how to respond to questions. By the time we were done we were all starving. But sadly the restaurant we went too lacked (timely) service and we did not leave before 10. We then Party bused over to a second restaurant because the first one blew. We salsaed up the night, and sang Steven Happy Birthday when the clock struck midnight. We then of course, danced our way off the party bus as were dropped off at our Host Family’s.
-Blogged by Daniel W-
p.s. The tree threw purple