Day 8 (March 20) – Travel to Granada

Hola from Nicaragua, I hope you’ve been enjoying the blog posts so far.

Today we said our final goodbyes to the farm. They were very happy to receive all of our donations, and hoped we would come again. After that we it was of to Masaya, where we would all finally get to climb a volcano. Volcano Masaya is actually made out of 4 craters, and one of them has been nicknamed “the mouth of hell” after a large cross was built on the side. The hike to the highest point was hard but the view was amazing. The landscape is so beautiful here. Afterwards we headed to the lovely city of Granada. It was a city colonised by Spain when they came, so all of streets are very narrow, especially with cars. The hotel we’re in is very nice, especially after being at the farm. Two more days before we’re on a place bound for Canada.
Hasta luego,
Rea Smith