Day 7

Today we were at Barrio Grenada for most of the day.  During the cool hours of the morning form 9am-12pm we worked on our multiple service projects.  For the people building the houses we finally finished the foundation and put the floor on top.  It was very rewarding to finally have it start looking somewhat like a house.  We are also getting to know the Nicarguans better.  As we work many kids play around you, they are very friendly and welcoming.  We stopped for lunch at about 12:30pm and sang our grace again with everybody.  We are all learning it more and we are starting to sound good.  Afterwards we had games at the Barrio.  We had a basketball game, soccer (futball) and Ultimate frisbee game.  We really made friends with our Nicaraguan team mates and took lots of pictures together afterwards.  The feild in the Barrio was all soil (tierra) and we worked on our dirt tans as we played in the dust.  Sarah had brought a bag of lollypops and the kids on the sidelines were handing them out.  To finish our day we stopped for icecream on the way home to buy some for our host families. We took showers and went to Casa Blanca for a reflection group time.

-Blogged by Saskia-

We started off the day in Barrio Granada, doing the service project. We spent the whole morning working hard on digging trenches, building houses and painting the library blue. I built a house that day with Sarah, Daniel W, Santi and Julie D, it was very exciting to see the walls of the house go up. Silly me I forgot sun screen and by the end of the day I was the colour of the Canadian flag. Then we ate a spectacular lunch. After lunch we stayed in the Barrio and played all sorts of games with the leaders and staff of the Barrio, such as Basketball, Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee, it was so much fun!!!! But we got creamed in every sport we played. After we went to a store called Pops and bought ice cream to take home and share with our host families after dinner. I personally enjoyed the Brownie flavour, but Santi wasn’t a big fan. Later that day we went to Casa Blanca for group time, it was a time for people to open up and show their emotions. Well this was everything that happened on day 7.
-Blogged by Tim-