Day 6 (March 18) – El Recreo Estates

We woke up today to the typical sounds of one of the farm’s dogs barking. Most of us have gotten used to the sound of this daily interruption at 4AM, and are able to fall back asleep again. At 7 AM we had a breakfast of scrambled eggs with meat, beams, tortillas, and sausages.

We had a variety of projects to work on today: some people worked on the mural, others worked on making cement, building a terrace beside the school, levelling the ground in front of the new bathrooms or painting the infant care centre. It was quite sunny and many of us pale folks have gotten some sunburn. Luckily some people packed aloe vera which has been very helpful for treating sunburns.

For lunch we ate beef with red onions and green peppers, rice, salad coleslaw, and plantain chips (a group favourite). It was all delicious! After lunch we were back to work until 3pm. We cleaned off (some) of the dirt or paint on us before listening to the nurse at El Recreo tell us about what she teaches the families on the farm about. It was interesting to learn that things we all consider common knowledge in Canada, ie hygiene, are not things people in Nicaragua know. She gave us a tour of the workers living area on the farm and showed us how she works with them to improve their health. We then came back for dinner which consisted of soft or fried tortillas, beans, beef, coleslaw and vegetables. We had a group reflection in the chapel where we talked about our thoughts on the trip this far and sang some songs. We were all quite exhausted and feel also soon after. Of course we all heard the dog bark before falling asleep. It was a great but exhausting day overall! See you next week!