Day 5 (March 17) – El Recreo Estates

Today was the second day of work on the farm. We had more kind of Americanised food today. For breakfast we had pancakes and bacon and for dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs.

In terms of painting work, we continued painting the mural, painted the inside if the school, and stated on the nursery. We also levelled out the dirt for the patio, made concrete, and dug more trenches. There was a tree in the way of the one spot where we were sitting, so we used a machete to chop down the tree.

After working we got to your the coffee processing plant.

At night, we had another mixer which about thirteen people (mostly kids) came out to. We played soccer with the kids for a while and then we talked with them and played some games. It was a great day!