Day 4 – Santa Marta

Driving is the most tiresome part of the different journeys that we have had to face while in El Salvador.  While traveling on winding dirt roads and listening to people singing random off key you have some time to absorb what has happened in the trip so far. We got to visit a radio station “Radio Victoria”.  The cool thing about this radio stations was, that they existed because they were partly funded by Mission and Service.  This station was created to allow the voices in the  different communities to be heard.   By allowing the voices of the people to be heard they are allowing the government to hear what needs to change.  We then went to the town of Santa Marta. There we went to the community centre and had lunch.  Then we listened to one of the town’s musicians sing to us about the history of Santa Marta. We then went to go and see the underground space that served as a secret hospital.  Finally it was time to say goodbye.  On the way to the hotel like place we were going to spend the next two nights at lots of stuff happened.  Like for instance the a person in our group had to go to the bathroom on the side of the road and a person in our group for sick and everyone had to get off the bus.  FINALLY after about three agonising hours later we arrived at the hotel.  Even though it was eight at night we got served dinner.  Then it was off to bed.  After a long tiring day it was nice to go to sleep. RELAXATION TO THE MAX!