Day 2 – San Salvador

Hey everyone! Kate here 🙂 we have arrived safely in el salvador and everyone is happy and healthy. We’ve been singing songs to occupy ourselves but the beautiful scenery has caught our eye while travelling on our nifty little bus. So far we’ve met our three chaperones, Alvaro, Justine, and Guillarmo, and our bus driver Walter. I can’t begin to explain the beauty of el Salvador but ill try… 😉

Getting off the air plane, the humidity hit us like a brick wall and a lot of us were overwhelmed by the heat. Since then we have come to terms with it and in my opinion its the perfect weather; not too hot, not too cold, and with a light breeze.

So far we have dug deep into the history of Oscar Romero and visited many historic sites in his memory. The history was overwhelming and very different than we expected. A lot of us found it difficult to look at the pictures from the Jesuit priest massacre at the university. This experience will help shape our trip to understand the horrors that the people went through. After learning this we are striving to better the lives of the people in the communities we visit!

We’ve been exposed to the “Rico” (delicious) Salvadoran cuisine and have tried the world famous poupusas which are like meat and cheese filled pancakes. We had a really funny experience with a local public bathroom. We paid fifteen cents to take a pee on a toilet with no seat! Another thing that has really touched our hearts is how nice and friendly the people are here! They love when we wave at them from our bus! The people here have so much love for us already and we’ve only shared a couple smiles.

Today we’re driving up to La Mora (near Suchitoto) where we will meet our home stay families and the community there. We’ll spend the day with them and return to their homes at night!

I’m looking forward to the rest of this great trip and bonding more with the people in the group and the people in el salvador!
Thanks for letting me ramble to you. 🙂 I can’t wait to share more stories of our wonderful trip! Until next time, ta ta for now!

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  1. Kate we love your comments and insightful vision of your experience. Keep it coming! Thanks for all the updates everyone. We are living vicariously through you on this adventure. Love to you and Matthew and Carter. May God bless you and the entire TCOW delegation in this tremendous journey!

  2. Kate I’m so happy to hear of your experiences! I’m sure is very intense in many ways, You will meet some fascinating people and perhaps develop lifelong friendships. The world can be so interesting. Keep us posted. Much love, hugs and prayers, Uncle Benn

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