Day 10 – Metallo

Hello everyone! So today was great. We woke up this morning all excited, because today was beach day. After a short (ish) bus tried we arrived at the beach. The weather was awesome, if a little sunny. The waves at the beach were huge, some of the biggest I’ve seen. After doing all our stuff off, everyone immediately jumped into the water. the water was nice and warm, but there was a strong undertow so we had to stay close to shore. After playing in the waves for a while, we had lunch. After lunch, some people went to the waves again, some played in the pool, and some played on the beach. Unfortunately, pretty much everyone got sunburned 🙁 some worse then others though. After returning from the beach, we all had supper and then said or goodbyes to the ESNA staff and cooks. After that, we got invited to a party across the road and so almost everyone went to go get their dance on! The DJ was one of the drummers from the other night so he recognised us and gave us a shout out, then played a few north american dance songs while we showed the Salvadorians how it’s done! Then there was mostly typical Spanish dance music, which was just as much fun! The party went on until late in the night. Can’t wait top sew everyone at home tomorrow! Bye for now though.

– John Goff