Colombia – Day 10

A Facebook update from Kelly as the group prepares for the return trip from Colombia:

As TCOW 2017 packs up and prepares to head home to Canada today, we do so with full hearts and spirits moved.

Our time in Colombia has been full of laughter, song, work, and tears, but mostly it has been full of love and the holy spirit.

If you believe as I do, that the place to experience the divine is in relationship, then you will see the spirit alive and well in Brisas Del Mar, Colombia.

If you are friends and family of a TCOW 2017 member, here are some things for you to think about before the return of your loved one:

This has been a life changing experience for us, for many reasons. Because of experiencing a different way of life, developing the understanding that those differences, including language, don’t limit the possibility of deep relationship.

Our time in Colombia has been a time of growth and self actualization as we have the space away from our busy regular lives to reflect and gain perspective on the issues we face there too.

Here are some ways to support your returning
loved one:

If you want to hear about the experience, set aside a chunk of time for this conversation, go for coffee or have dinner together. The depth of this experience cannot be shared in 3 sentences and that kind of elevator synopsis leaves us feeling hollow.

Give your loved one space and time. There is a lot to process, we are still working through it and may not be ready for that long conversation yet. We want to share with you, but we appreciate your patience until we are ready.

Readjusting to life at home is hard, hold space while we figure out how to be our new selves in our old life. We still love you and are grateful for the many privileges and opportunities life in Canada offers, we just need to reconcile our new experiences with our old life.

Support our new ambitions. This experience is about more than a trip, it is about becoming a global citizen. Support us in making changes to improve our lives and communities with our new found passions.

Our deepest thanks to those who helped make this experience happen and those you spiritually and emotionally support us before during and after. And our deepest gratitude to the community of Brisas for their open hearts, hospitality, and for showing us the true way of the gospel.

TCOW 2017 in Brisas del Mar, Colombia